Square Peg ● Round Hole







In an effort to balance my life, I have committed to a 21 day meditation regime.    I frequently meditate, but recently, I found that there has been something more pressing that has needed my attention.  Like so many other things, it became an afterthought.    Without meditation, it has become apparent that “going with the flow” becomes more difficult and I begin to flounder.    It is the difference between being present and missing pivotal moments.

A week into my meditation boot camp, I am beginning to reap the rewards.  The first two days were difficult, as my mind can often be compared to a hamster wheel and I was having trouble focusing.    After that, I began to be able to hush the chatter in my head and really be one with me.    With the holidays fast approaching and life speeding at full throttle, it is such a gift to have 10-20 minutes in my day to recharge and check in with myself.

It has also put myself in touch with my “doubtful side”.   My doubtful side has the tendency to convince me that I shouldn’t try new things because it is scary or I might fail.   Doubtful self wants to approach life with caution and guarantees.  Doubtful sefl wants to only take the road where there is clear direction.   Fortunately, by meditating, I am able to console and reassure the doubtful part of me, that by taking the road less traveled, I am opening the door for growth.   Life provides no guarantees.

Meditating provides the tools to explore and to expand my beliefs.    Thoughts are powerful and by taking the time to get quiet and focus on my breath, I receive the push to create the best version of me.    It is the exercise of self-awareness.