Square Peg ● Round Hole







If I have learned anything about life, it is that breathing is important.  When I am stressed or busy, I realize that I tend to breathe in a shallow manner instead of really utilizing my lungs.    Have you ever noticed have relaxing it is to inhale and exhale with deep presence?  Really focusing on filling the lungs with air and letting it out.   Visually, I like to think I am taking in the good stuff and releasing all the toxic waste.

This time of year it is important to really focus on self-care.  Through my mother being in the hospital, my normal routine  paired with preparing for Thanksgiving, I have made a conscience effort to mediate daily, eat well, and to get enough sleep.

When I am in deep presence with me, I realize that other people’s agendas, issues, and anything else that arises, has little effect on me.   Of course, a great example of not being fully present would be when I lost my phone yesterday.  While it was found by a good samaritan, it was my inability to be in the present moment that caused me to lose my appendage.    Interestingly enough, some of our best intentions are overrun by the inability to stay in the now.   Instead of berating myself yesterday, I found the gratitude in others looking out for me and realizing I don’t do this life thing alone.

If I have any words of wisdom, it is not to take yourself too seriously, release other people’s bullshit, and focus on all the amazing blessings that constantly show up when you least expect it.