Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think it is only appropriate that I delve into the topic of decisions.   Recently, I made a decision that wasn’t very popular, but was best for the whole.     It is interesting how people will make your decision or actions about them.   Ego is a huge nemesis when it comes to over contemplation.

Over the years, I have learned that when others are uncomfortable with something you have decided to do, it really is their issue.  You see I really don’t owe anyone an explanation on the decisions that I make in regards to myself and my family.    It is not my responsibility to make others “okay” in relation to my own choices.

After dedicating the last twenty-one days to meditating on a regular basis, I am becoming more solid in my foundation.    I used to worry about what others will think about my decisions and sometimes, my decision was based on other people’s feelings.    In the end, I suffered.

In order to be an authentic human being, I must honor myself and release those who are hurt or have an agenda in regards to my choices.   As long as I am firm in my decision, then that is all that really matters.