Square Peg ● Round Hole







A week ago, I wrote about the political bullying that was running rampant all over social media.   Now that the smoke has cleared, for the most part, the new focus is a red cup.  Yes, my friends, we have sunk to an all time low when a red cup, apparently, represents Christianity.    I had no idea a cup could be that powerful.   You see, I find this amusing and somewhat pitiful, all at the same time.

The last I noted, Starbucks was not affiliated to any religious sect or order.  In fact, I believe it just serves coffee, selected drinks, and some food.   Which brings me back to why people are up in arms over the red cup. It is really very simple, people are nuts.  Yes, those individuals who think Starbucks has defaced Christianity truly have way too much time on their hands.    I have always taught my boys that your actions have more of an impact than your words.   You can taut Christianity and be appalled at the red cup, or you can carry out your Christian beliefs in your actions.

This morning, I noticed someone posted a picture of a red Starbucks cup paired with an item for Chick-fil-A sharing that they gave these items to a homeless person, who was far from offended, but grateful for the act of kindness.   That, my friends, is the act of Christianity.

All in all, I am laughing at the premise.   You see, shouldn’t we be more upset that we pay $5 for our fancy coffee than what it is served in or better yet, shouldn’t we be more concerned about those individuals who have bigger problems than drama over a red cup?    I am sure that my friends fighting cancer would agree or those animal rights advocates who give a voice to unwanted dogs and cats, or my fellow parents, who are advocating for their special needs kids.   We certainly have bigger fish to fry.

So, here is my advice for the holidays – say “Merry Christmas” if you are so inclined, drink from a red cup, and go around showing others kindness, because in the end, nobody is going to remember your words, they will remember your actions.