Square Peg ● Round Hole







The last few days have been a bit of a blur.   My Mom has been in the hospital and it has limited my time to explore my blog.    This hospital stay was a surprise.  While not a spring chicken, at eighty-four, she has always been in great health.  Waiting for answers to her current health situation is tedious, but it has allowed me to see a greater picture.

The interesting thing about the future is there is really no way to prepare.  The unknown, acts as its own surprise party, alerting you to some pleasant and other unpleasant experiences.    The timing for this hospital visit was actually ideal.   With my sister coming in for Thanksgiving, I would be allowed a break from the caretaking.

Maybe my perspective has changed, but in the past, this event would have paralyzed me with fear.     Today, I am willing to listen for direction, asking for what is needed for my mother, and just simply willing to be of service.  I am at peace with the path we are currently walking.   While unexpected, it allows me to focus on the present.

Gratitude is an everyday occurrence for me, but especially while on a more difficult course.    I have my “prayer warriors” sending lots of love to our family, we have excellent specialists in play, and we are all working together for our primary purpose – my Mom.   Walking this in a peaceful nature sets the tone for the entire journey, and that is quite a gift.

I am not sure where this path will lead, but one certainty I have is that it will all work out, because in every problem, therein lies a solution.