Square Peg ● Round Hole







After a fun night of laughter and fellowship following a Halloween party, I have shed my costume.   I had forgotten the fun of creating a new identity – a childhood trait replaced by an overzealous call to be an adult.   Sometimes escaping the monotony allows me to find a fresh perspective while finding the humor in the irony of those around me and their selected costumes.

This year, I went as a tacky tourist.   While on our Italy excursion, I came across many that would fit this category, but one that I emulated to a T.   All in fun, of course, but the wackiness paired with my wig with a life of its own,made for easy conversation and black residue left on anyone who came in contact with my lively hairpiece.    Several years ago, I would have been annoyed at dressing up for a party feeling that Halloween is simply a kid driven, candy hauling holiday.   Maybe it is the reflection of so many affected by dire news, battles being fought, and way to much seriousness in the world.    When did I start to take myself so seriously?

With the impending elections, bacon now causing cancer, and our impending doom at every corner, at least according the the media, I am left with the realization that if I don’t find a way to connect with my playful, childlike side, then it won’t be bacon eating that will cause my demise.     Just because I am an adult doesn’t mean the fun meter is empty, it just means fun comes in a different package.   However, it is up to me to remember to find my inner child and allow them out to play.