Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am often baffled at Bailey’s insistence on being an adult.  Since he turned 18, his response to everything is, “Mom, I am an adult.”, which I in turn, roll my eyes and exhale.    Being an adult isn’t all that grand.   I remember when I was his age, I couldn’t wait for the light to turn green on my impending adulthood.  Freedom from being told what to do.   The perception of adulthood was a tad distorted.

When we were in Italy, we had a lovely tour guide who gathered us as her children.  She instructed us on when to be at certain places, board the bus, and had all of our events prearranged.   I enjoyed not having to plot our every move.  It was as if she was the mother and we were her children.  I began to realize how I miss someone taking care of everything.   The biggest decision I had to make was what kind of gelato I would have that day.

Back in the routine of life, I have returned to our day to day schedule.  It involves me actually making decisions, knowing other people’s schedules, and trying to keep my head above water.   Looking back, I am amused at my eagerness to be on my own.   Why on earth was I in such a rush?

The first time I heard the phrase, “put your big girl panties on”, I was confused.   After some contemplation, I realized that in order to be an adult, I must act like one.  Putting those panties on is a symbol of dealing with life’s teachable moments.  Nobody likes making tough decisions, but it is part of the job.   For years, my panties went missing, but fortunately, I had an awakening.  It is called being a parent.   Realizing that others depend on my decision making ability, tends to jolt one into a conscious reality.

My advice to Bryce as he inches closer to adulthood……slow down.   Don’t rush and miss all of the enjoyment of being young.    Although I wouldn’t go back in time, the only thing I would change about being an adult is having a mandatory nap time.