Square Peg ● Round Hole







Most of the people who know me are aware of my love for Basset hounds.   I am a fan of all dogs, but these stubborn, comical, four-legged canines have embedded themselves into my heart.   Let me preface by saying that you must have tremendous patience for this is a breed that will test you.

Both of my crazy girls, Daisy and Presley,  are rescues, which may add to their already neurotic demeanor.   Yesterday, in a fit of insanity, my neighbor, who also has two Bassets, decided to take our four girls to have their picture taken with Santa.   Keep in mind, this was at our local pet store, so there was lots and lots of stimulation.

When we entered the store, it was like a rock star had emerged.  People are clamoring to pet them all the while our four are oblivious to the adoration. They just wanted to make a beeline for any aisle with food.  Finally making our way to the line, we are told Santa was taking a twenty minute break.  I envisioned Santa out back drinking from a flask, but I could be totally off base.  Twenty minutes waiting with a Basset is far more difficult than waiting in line with a toddler.    So, we opted to bail.    I needed cat litter (yes, crazy cat lady here) and we ventured down the kitty aisle.  Daisy was sporting some drool lovingly donated by her sister ,and Presley was trying her hand at shoplifting by picking up some beef jerky hoping I didn’t notice.   All the while, my youngest, Bryce murmuring how “this wasn’t going to end well” and “that was 30 minutes I will never get back”.    Insanity, yes, but something I wouldn’t change.

While we were not successful in obtaining our Santa pictures with our loving Bassets, we did create quite a memory.   If nothing else, these two create an atmosphere that is full of laughs and love.   So, when my day isn’t meeting my expectations, I look at those droopy faces and smile.