Square Peg ● Round Hole







While I joke that I “dislike” people, the truth is that I enjoy my interactions…..most of the time.     I am aware that an impact is made when I make a little effort.     Whether it is polite conversation in the checkout line or a sincere “thank you” to the waiter who has worked tirelessly.   Sometimes it is the smallest acts that bring the greatest joy.

Frankly, it is harder when someone, let me be honest, is an ass.   I have a newspaper carrier who carelessly tosses our newspaper onto the porch which leads to the breaking of several of my porch decorations.    It is annoying and it makes me angry, but then I remember something that switches my attitude.  Brian was a carrier for several years.   He was up at 3 am, returning at 7 am, and then leaving for his day job at 8 am.   He did his best to appease his customers, but there were days that were better than others.   So, I gave our carrier a Christmas tip, thanked him for his service and politely asked that he be careful when tossing.   The bottom line is that I wanted to acknowledge that his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed…..minus my broken items.

When I am dealing with people, I don’t know their story.   It doesn’t take much to provide a friendly smile or a “have a great day” to shift my attitude, so I am willing to reciprocate the gesture.    With the power of the many distractions, I continue to pause and contemplate how many times I have walked by someone or checked out of a store and treated that person as though they are invisible.    With all that is erupting in our world, a small gesture can make an impact.     Just for today, make everyone feel like someone.