Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, yesterday, I was blogging about finding the merriment of the season.  It is fascinating how my perception can shift in a 24 hour span.   So, I fell yesterday.  Wait let me clarify it.   Presley saw a bunny while we were venturing outside and, because she is all inclusive, decided to take me and Daisy with her…..down three steps landing face down on a brick walkway.  It was like a swan dive that ended terribly wrong.  However, while I laid on the ground with Brian running toward me, I realized one thing…..I still was holding on to the leashes.  In the grand scheme of things, that was and is the most important thing.   Honestly, I knew I was hurt, but when I looked in the mirror, I realized that the sidewalk had left a lovely thank you note in the definition of a black eye.   But wait…..there’s more…..Brian looked alarmed when he saw my left knee inflating faster than a man on Viagra.   So, like any good person living in denial, I iced and went to bed only to be greeted by my knee that resembled the same man on Viagra 8 hours later.

My ER visit was comical as one of my friends just happened to be one of the nurses, so I knew immediately I was in good hands.   I wore a brightly colored yellow band that indicated I was a “fall risk” and a hospital gown suitable for a six foot five man weighing 500 lbs.     Typical as I settled in I immediately needed to go to the bathroom, so I was offered a chance to hobble 50 feet to the restroom or have a potty chair.  I picked hobbling.  It seemed worth the pain and potty chair just screams “nursing home”.   After all was said and done, the knee cap was not broken and I just have a very angry knee that needs some TLC.  So, I am home popping drugs, icing the knee and looking forward to seeing what colors my eye and knee will turn.   Humor, my friends has gotten me through the day with the help of loving friends and family.   The next time Presley wants to show me a bunny, I will be happy to pass.