Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think I have been pretty vocal when it comes to not feeling particularly spirited in regards to the holidays.   Maybe it has something to do with tornado warnings and odd seventy degree days that have stunted my joyous spirit or possibly my incapacitated issues regarding my knee, whatever it is I surrender.   This morning I accompanied my boys to church.  They were serving our church’s 8:15 daily mass.    Normally, I sit in the back of church, but with my knee immobilized, I sat close to the front.   The church glistened in white lights and the altar was coated in red poinsettia plants.   I instantly was drawn to the reason for the season.

After mass, Bryce drove us to breakfast.  He drives like a little old lady with a death grip on the wheel.   I do my best to not gasp, act like I am holding on for dear life, or comment in a panicked voice.  Parking is always a challenge, but after five times straightening the car, he was finally inside the lines.   Breakfast is always entertaining with these two.   The bantering back and forth along with our ritual of not talking to Bailey while he eats lends to a humorous dining experience.  We aren’t being rude, but he literally pays homage to his food.

The last week has been a period of adjustment.   Not the ideal time to have an injury, but it is what it is and this too shall pass.    My guys are all leaving early in the morning to escape this brutal winter (totally joking as global warming has invaded Kentucky), and venture to Florida to spend time with family.   I will have a week to rest, catch up with friends, and write.   As I begin the process of closing 2015, I am grateful for my life and the teachable moments that I have been allowed to receive.    Waking up with a grateful heart, no matter the circumstances, is the first step for showing God my appreciation for everything he does for me and others.