Square Peg ● Round Hole







There have been some changes this past year in several relationships.   It hasn’t been a comfortable shift, but a necessary self-care adjustment.  You see, I can love people from a far.  That allows me the ability to honor myself.

It was almost as if these relationships formed a roadblock to my own awakening.  They blinded me, and while it was comfortable to stay with what I have known, it was a large shift to allow myself the ability to let go. For me, letting go doesn’t mean I don’t care for them, it simply means I need to fly solo.   It is a loving gesture to benefit everyone involved.

In the last year, I have realized that once I removed those relationships, life blossomed.    I am aware that I held on out of fear, obligation, and a sense of security ,all the while not realizing how I was hindered from really spreading my wings.

So did I quit or surrender?   I chose to surrender the relationships, forgive the individuals, and forgive myself for my own part.  Surrendering simply means that the dynamic is forever changed.   I didn’t quit loving, caring, or praying for them, I just stepped back.  It might not appear loving, but surrendering a relationship allows all parties to grow beyond each other.  That’s when I know it is time to move on…….when growth isn’t viable.   A solid union empowers all parties involved.   It is a cheering section rich with supportive and encouraging words meant to surge one forward not to hold them back.

It wasn’t easy, but I will say that life now is brighter, more giving, and less burdensome.   As I view the reel from this past year,  I am in awe of how life unfolded with endless blessings and unforgettable opportunities.   The shift was hard, but the results were worth the effort.