Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I sat in the quiet enjoying life on my terms, since the boys are away this week, I grinned.   I smiled a silly, goofy grin that extended all the way to my toes.  Why, you ask?  It is simple.    I love the life that I have created.  Created, some may ask?  Yes, that I created.  You see, we are all the writers of our own story.    It truly is up to me to simply show up.

In fact, I even texted Brian, but substituted the I for we.   This is a pretty amazing life.  Is it perfect?  Hell to the no, but it unfolds with endless potential.    I am a firm believer that one must show up to do the dirty work.  I have walked through alcoholism, birth of a special needs child, financial obstacles, marriage woes, deaths, and a combination of other events.   The operative word is that I walked through, not around it, under it, or avoided it……..I walked through the uncomfortable, emotional, and the unimaginable to get to this moment.   The moment where I look around with my silly grin and immerse myself in the feeling of satisfaction.

The work isn’t for sissies.    I really wanted to get to a place where I felt stronger, wiser, and less burdened.     Creating the ideal life means stepping aside, releasing control, and allowing life to happen on its own terms.    It means being uncomfortable, accepting where you are, and most of all making some tough decisions to allow those opportunities to happen.     As long as I am willing to show up, my evolution will continue to expand.