Square Peg ● Round Hole







Today marks ten years that my father left this earth.    As I process how quickly the time has passed, I embrace the changes and am in awe of the accomplishments that have evolved.   Here is a letter to my father in honor of his lasting impact on my life~

Dear Dad,

It doesn’t seem possible that ten years has flown by and life has moved forward.    When you left, I felt a void in my heart that I never thought I would get over, but with time, grief gave way to my new “normal”.

In that time, Bailey has become an adult with a fantastic job that he loves.  Bryce loves high school and we hope that he drives faster than a old lady when he gets his full license.   I get paid to write.  Yes, someone actually gives me money to do what I love.  While I am still crafting away at my book project, the door has been open and I am slowly moving towards it.

You will be happy to know I finally understand your annoyance with my indifferent relationship with math.  Bryce has the same relationship with English and I can almost see your smile as the amusement settles within you.  However, you never once told me that it wasn’t my gift, you just gently nudged me in different directions.

In the last ten years, I have worked hard at being my best version of myself.    Brian and I have raised the boys with a foundation of integrity, trust, and unconditional love.    You loved me no matter how badly I screwed up and that is how we are guiding our boys.

My  relationship with you has transformed into a more spiritual presence.   I know that all of the nudges, instinctive “ah ha” moments, and the occasional appearance of butterflies or red cardinals are a direct result of you still being my biggest cheerleader.    At least, I hope so.

Thank you for still being a significant presence on my life.