Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am beginning to see a theme in my writing.   Regardless of it being the holidays, my dismal injury, or the fact that I am becoming more aware of other people’s struggles, I feel the need to revisit topics.   This is all about the comeback.    I can sense some confusion with my readers.  Let me clarify.

We all experience from time to time, setbacks.   Some are small and painless while others are uncomfortable and long lasting.   Setbacks allow up to reevaluate, take a deep breath and plan our comeback.  You see, those setbacks that send us reeling, frustrate us, make us angry, sad, and powerless, are actually the foundation on which we can rebuild.   That is, if we aren’t wallowing.  Look, wallowing is a portion of the steps to the comeback, but you can’t drown in it.   Also, the comeback is not a go back.  You can’t go and fix the past, all you can do is proceed forward.

Sometimes we can walk through situations that have the ability to make us bitter, but what if you used the situation to make you better?  What if you changed how you viewed it?  What if you were able to see this as a blessing instead of a curse?   Yes, that is a tall order.   So much tragedy, uncertainty, and heartache can twist ones perspective.  I will say that in all of my setbacks, I always comeback stronger, wiser, and a whole lot happier.   It took time and many tantrums, but I came back.

You can’t fix the setback, but you can move forward and anticipate an amazing rise from the whatever has blocked your way.   It may not be immediate, but I have faith that your comeback with be epic.   God has got this and you.