Square Peg ● Round Hole







I often think about how I used to respond to a “crisis” or a plot twist in my life.    It was easy for me to “lose my shit” over the most unimportant issues because I literally could not handle the unexpected.     Don’t even get me started on how I would teeter on the brink even if things were going well.  You see, I was assuming that even when life was going smoothly, something would eventually happen to shake me out of my comfort zone.  Actually, I wouldn’t call it a comfort zone, I would call it a holding zone…….waiting for next shoe to fall.  I was a prisoner in my own perceptions.

Perceptions are tricky.  They are like magical illusions that invade your mind and carry you into a world of tainted reality.    I was never the “glass half full, half empty girl”, instead, I was the “glass is either full or it is empty.”  There was never a real balance.

I am not sure when it happened, but I do know that my reactions are less severe.    There is a sort of acceptance that life offers you  – various scenarios that provide opportunity to either learn or evade.   If you choose to evade, then you will experience the “plot twist” over and over again.   It is all about the willingness to embrace where you are and keep a pulse on life’s learning curve.

As a writer, I am all about the plot twists.  I love how a story unfolds, expands, and provides a solution for the characters.  That’s how I see life…..a serious of plot twists that engage our ability to find our way to a more balanced being.