Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have spent a lot of time writing about the fine art of navigating disappointment, anxiety, and difficult situations, so let’s talk about anticipation.    The song, Anticipation, by Carly Simon always comes to mind.  The art of waiting for something to happen.    I guess this topic floated in primarily because of the continuous talk of snow for the last few days.   In the minority, I love a good snow especially when I have the luxury of being at home.

Yesterday, as people began to prepare for the impending snowfall, (and yes, I am aware that in Louisville preparation for two inches is similar to preparing ourselves for the apocalypse) I found myself in giddy anticipation.     I was ready for schools to be closed and having the boys home for a luxurious day of pajamas and junk food binging.   I love the moment I wake up to look outside and am greeted by a blanket of white with flakes still floating to the ground.   The Bassets frolic to my amusement with two inches of snow covering most of their bellies.     I smile as I wonder if this is God’s way of celebrating as snowflakes look a lot like confetti.

Of course, the novelty wears off as anticipation is the build up of excitement.    Gradually, the snow stops, there are piles of dog poop and yellow stains found throughout the yard tainting the purity of the snow.   The streets clear, kids go back to school, and life resumes its natural flow.       Isn’t that the beauty of anticipation?   It makes life special, extraordinary, and fun!     Of course, there are those who anticipate the worst, but that is a different subject for another blog post.   Right now, I will enjoy the fire and the canvas of white outside my window.