Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes, I compare my imagination to a cage match with the competitors being characters that are fighting their way into my latest project.    My issue comes when I am immersed into writing and another idea comes forth then I am toiling with where this will fit or if it needs to be saved for something else.

I love to focus on one idea in order to cultivate it, but I am finding that the distraction from one thought to another actually hinders my process. Part of my more logical side believes that this is a result of self-sabotage.   By focusing on a variety of opportunities, I am never able to complete the book thus resulting in never submitting it for consideration.  You get the gist……never completing means no rejection.

No one likes rejection because it seems like failure.    Are they alike?   Well, no and here is why.   Rejection is really only one or several people’s opinions.    I got several rejections over a piece I wrote, and months later someone took it and published it.   Failure equates to me never trying.  How many successful people often failed in their attempts to achieve their goals?  Many and I am sure they had similar experiences.

Look, this goes for anyone who is stepping outside of their comfort zone – we all must be brave in the attempt and detaching from the outcome allows me the dignity of appreciating my effort.   So, I think I will pop some popcorn and enjoy the cage match in my head.  May the best character win.