Square Peg ● Round Hole







When I was a child, I can remember others using the “silent treatment” as a way to punish someone when they were mad at them.   It was an infuriating punishment that really didn’t accomplish anything……but then again, we were children.   I always thought it was difficult for me to deliver that since I really had a hard time shutting my mouth.  In fact, challenge me to the quiet game, and I would lose.    The foundation of it does have some relevance, but not to be used as punishment, but as a acknowledgement that not everything needs a response, explanation, etc.   There is more power in saying nothing.

Of course, the older I get, that concept seems to be easier.    I always felt I had to explain myself when in reality, I really only offered explanations to make others comfortable.    It was a survival skill of making sure everyone else was okay with what I was doing.    Words are fine.    Used eloquently, words can smooth a rough surface or provide a segway for understanding of someone else’s viewpoint, but many times words can create an obstacle especially when fueled with a passionate argument.

Today, I can use silence to speak for me.   I can create a serene foundation simply by not participating in situations that trigger me.   It allows me to accept people for where they are and to acknowledge that not everything needs a response.  I have spent too many years showering others with words, when the reality was silence would have been a louder message.   Not every situation warrants semantics and I am grateful that awareness is front and center in my life.