Square Peg ● Round Hole







My start to the day resembled a bull in a china shop.    Let’s just say I woke up pissed.   Pissed at the world.  Pissed at my laundry.  Pissed at the way the cats were looking at me.  You get the gist……I was a tad pissed.    When my darling husband pointed out that I must have woken up on the wrong side of the Basset bed, I became incensed.    More than anything, I hate when he is right.     In the process, I had yelled at anything that moved.

After I dropped Bryce off at school, I begrudgingly went to Kroger with a really sour attitude.     All the while I am replaying the morning in my head……..laundry needed to be sorted, cats and dogs fed, someone didn’t quite make the toilet when they peed, cat vomit to be cleaned up, and not being able to sit down and enjoy my coffee.    Plus, the hubs sat around enjoying his breakfast while I ran around like an idiot with my very angry knee in protest.    (Cue the dramatic music)

So, as I walked into Kroger, I prayed for those who would come in contact with me and I also asked for a shift in my attitude.    God has an interesting way of reaching me.     Going to the store so early, I usually escape human interaction.  This is my favorite way to shop, but today was different.   Each aisle had workers stocking the shelves and since my mother didn’t raise an asshole (most days), I was forced to be pleasant and greet them.  By the last aisle, I realized that there had been a shift.  I was smiling without hesitation and by the time I left, my day had definitely improved.     I can restart my day at anytime with no questions asked.

All of my morning complaints melted away and I realized that all I had to do was ask for help.  Instead, I chose the role of the martyr, which I play rather well.   So, I owe an amends to all of my family members including the four legged ones and that is okay.    The day has restarted, the sun is out, and I am ready to embrace whatever floats my way.