Square Peg ● Round Hole







After God gave me a little nudge to work on my craft, I have been participating in a weekly workshop complete with sharing pieces that are raw and unedited.   I find it invigorating and very therapeutic for my writer’s soul.    Our assignment this week was to write about something that could have been a disaster, but turned out well.    I immediately latched onto the idea of writing about Bailey and his new job while incorporating my fear of his future when he was born with Down syndrome.  I hesitated with that idea because of one of the participants.

Irene, is a mild mannered woman, who is writing a memoir about the life of her son.   Her son was born with a rare genetic disorder that in most documented cases, the child only lives a few years.   Her son lived 26 years…..institutionalized with his body as a prison.   Her journey is painful and, when she read her piece, there was a part of me that felt guilty for Bailey’s success and it almost muted my own struggle.    As she shared I was overwhelmed by her grit, strength and determination.  I grappled for days after hearing her share on whether I should proceed with my topic.   Out of nowhere, I was reminded that our journey has layers, struggles, victories, and sorrows, but one should never diminish the other.    I, too, have been on the battlefield of advocating for my son.  My battle may have not been as bloody or heart wrenching, but it shaped me, taught me, and at times, surprised me.

So, today I presented my piece about flirting with disaster and how Bailey has successful integrated himself into the workforce.    I painted a visual of our life when Bailey was born and how different that reality is now.    It wasn’t boastful.  It wasn’t unkind.  It was a composite of my own experience.     Part of my writing process is remembering that being vulnerable, taking risks, and laying my authentic truth out there makes my craft more powerful.    Sugar coating the emotions felt would only do a disservice to me.   While Irene and I have a different story to tell, the emotions are compatible and despite any circumstance, a mother’s soul will always battle for their children.