Square Peg ● Round Hole







The topic of change has lingered in my mind the last few days.  Maybe it has something to do with people in my life experience drastic changes and the discomfort that accompanies it – even if the change is positive.    After having a conversation with my 84 year old mother, I am beginning to realize that if you don’t embrace change, then your life becomes a constant toddler tantrum.     My mother has always had a problem when life hasn’t  gone her way.    As she has gotten older, that tendency has only gotten more pronounced.   Her way of dealing is either by sleeping it away, or blaming others for her situation.  Either way, it is a losing battle.

Change is scary, but on the upside, I have experienced the amazing situations that work out far better than I have ever envisioned.  I have also walked through change that was dismal, leaving me breathless and vulnerable, but came through it with minimal scars.    Here is what makes me grateful about change.  Change is limitless.   Change is constant.  One can’t escape it, so learning to ride it like a wave is the optimal choice.   Reflecting on my conversation with my mother, I realize that for her, change brings fear.  Fear is paralyzing for her and the only way she can communicate that is by using the people she loves as target practice.    I know, because it is me that tends to get the brunt of it.  While it is definitely a lesson in patience, there are those moments where I get triggered, annoyed, and completely pissed that she can’t see life in a different way.

Being human requires a lot of work.  It is a constant metamorphosis that allows us to mold and create the person, the life, and the legacy we choose to enjoy….or not.    It really is up to all of us to figure out the best way to move through change.  It may not be graceful, but once through to the other side, taking a chance on change will be worth it.