Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last week, I wrote about how stuck I felt starting out the new year.   My aspirations were stunted due to my lack of motivation.     I have lots of literary ideas swimming in my spacious brain, but no passion ignited to execute it.     Just when I thought I had sunk to an all time low, an email showed up with information regarding a writing workshop.  Now, my ego can be quite annoying in the stance that as a writer with an advanced degree, I shouldn’t have to take a workshop to help me.   My busy mind also swayed to the other side where I felt unworthy to attend.  So, there you have it, my “bad neighborhood” was wrapped up in a web of excuses, which only meant one thing, I was fearful.

So, I took the plunge and signed up for the workshop.   For two and a half hours each Wednesday for seven weeks, I will be mingling with like minded writers who will provide encouragement and suggestions while nestled in a cozy writing studio.   Just thinking about it made me feel like I belonged.

Yesterday was my first meeting with this new group of writers and, like any new endeavor, I was nervous.   What I found was a potpourri of ladies starving for encouragement and inspiration just like me.   I giggled when I thought about how timely this workshop fell in my hands.  Not a believer of coincidences,  this gentle nudge by my Higher Power was the shove I needed to cultivate my craft.   After the workshop concluded yesterday, I felt a sense of pride, honor and excitement which have been absent in my writing lately.   I was reminded that we are all on this incredible journey that really is about willingness.   Willingness to expose ourselves to something new and with that allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.     Taking the leap, for me, is all about realizing the regret I will have if I don’t take the chance on something new.   This new path that has been revealed to me is just another way for me to get back in touch with my inner sanctuary that is full of passion, inspiration and motivation.  I just had to locate the key to unlock it.