Square Peg ● Round Hole







I anticipated the first week of the year being productive and motivated by inspiration.   What I experienced was a big, fat letdown.   I was unmotivated and, with being so far ahead with my column deadlines, had no schedule. Honestly, I function much better when I have obligations to attend to.   So, this week involved a lot of bitchiness peppered with being tremendously uncomfortable.

So, I will lay my vulnerabilities out on the table.   Overwhelmed by my goal to finish this book I have been working on, I have created all kinds of excuses to not jump back into a writing schedule.    With that being said, I became disgusted with my rationalization dancing around my busy brain. On Wednesday I opted to do a guided meditation.  Meditation, for me, is the art of listening in a totally relaxed state.   There have been many times where the answers I have been searching for miraculously reveal themselves.    Two hours later, I received an email from a woman who I met during my stint at Spalding University getting my Masters in writing.   We were in the same graduating class and I really admire her.   Her journey took her on the educating route where she holds a variety of writing classes.   The email shared information about a workshop that she was holding that was the answer to my prayers.

I read the email over and over simply because, as a writer, my ego preaches that I shouldn’t need help jump starting my craft.    Then, as if divine intervention took over, I sent an email back to committing to the workshop.   So, there is was….. a sign from a higher presence giving me the solution to inspire me, motivate me, and save me from myself.   For seven weeks, I will engage with other writers and by the end, my hope is that I can dive into a routine that will provide me the tools to finish my project.

One of my biggest obstacles is me.    In order to truly create a life that is abundant with inspiration, I have to be willing to allow myself to be vulnerable.   Stepping outside of my comfort zone not only opens myself up to new opportunities, it also reminds me that I am still teachable.