Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I begrudgingly attended my son’s football banquet.  I say begrudgingly because it is a four to five hour eating/awards bonanza and frankly, I like to nap on Sundays.  With that being said, Bryce asked me to attend and when your sixteen year old wants your presence, of course, you show up.   What I wasn’t prepared for was the message that was shared via the team’s head coach.

Here is the deal…….I have never really like football, but there is something about this particular high school program.   The moment Bryce was interested in participating in football by being a manager, I was excited for him.  It was a way to get involved and really meet some people.    I had no idea how invested I would become in the process.

As I sat yesterday watching each player and manager be recognized for their contribution, I was aware of how this program has molded these young men into compassionate, empathetic, team players.     Aside from the actual game, which I still have no use for, it is the behind the scenes moments that really shape these individuals.

Then their head coach shared his words to sum up the season……..not being defined by the scoreboard.   Win or lose, it is those moments that either defeat us or make us stronger.   Life can be one big scoreboard…….summed up with a list of losses and wins, but not being defined by those losses is the key to triumph.

Life isn’t about defeat.  It is about taking those heartbreaking moments and molding them into something positive.     It about perseverance and the willingness to never be defined or defeated by anything.     One just never knows where you will receive the message you were meant to hear.