Square Peg ● Round Hole







Well, I survived the snowstorm 2016.  I say “survived”  because I have yet to commit bodily harm to my family and we got maybe four inches of snow.   The last few days of home incarceration or “snow days” as people keep referring to, have been a combination of horror sprinkled with comedy.     If you can’t laugh at your own misery then you are missing excellent comical material.  Here are a few examples of confinement humor.

I have to admit that our new king size bed is one of my favorite places to hang.   Reading, writing, napping, watching TV and just enjoying its vast space have been on my list of priorities while the winter weather vacations in my yard.   With that being said, I woke up this morning to a large dollop of dog vomit.  Apparently the bed is so roomy that not only do I not hear the prelude, but I don’t even see it until I was getting ready to make it.   Did I tell you that Daisy was on the bed indulging in it?  Gross.

My oldest, Bailey, has been in a mood where he grunts at me instead of talking.   It isn’t something new, but when you have been in the house with the same people for four days running, it gets old.    Yesterday, I referred to him as an “asshole”.    For those of you that just gasped, you read that correctly.   I called my special needs son an asshole.   Well, he was and those of you who have experienced the many moods of Bailey will understand.   Was it nice?  No.  Was it necessary? Yes.  Was he upset?  No.  He just looked at me and walked away which meant he continued showing signs of being an asshole.

Do these situations warrant humor?  Yes, they do.    Life is a molded by humor and being able to laugh at yourself is a key to survival.   I can’t possibly take myself too seriously because that would make me crazier than I already am.    Today is a new day full of sunshine and the promise of leaving this house.    One more day in here and I could open up my own asylum.