Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week my mind and heart have been inundated with parents losing their children.   Monday a young man at Bryce’s high school lost his battle to cancer and yesterday, I learned that a high school friend’s son perished in a car accident.   Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare.   Nothing prepares us when it comes to burying our children.

I am always curious as to what is God’s plan with all of this is.   Is there a reason that a mother, a father, and extended family have to endure the absence of this special being?  Why does God give us the gift of a child, but then take them away?   I don’t have the answers.  Reaching out to the family doesn’t seem nearly enough in the scope of support, but that is all we have.   To rally around them, pray for them, and know that when the dust settles……life will be forever altered.    While it seems out of the realm of possibility, there will be laughter, joy, gratitude, and peace again for these grieving parents.    I must hold on to that thought because nothing else seems plausible.

My dreams last night were filled with my high school friend and her son.   Maybe because her son and Bailey share the same birthday and were born at the same hospital within hours of each other.  Maybe because it hits so close to home.    Whatever the reason, my heart aches for his mother.   Life is a series of moments sprinkled with happiness and sadness.  It is dark and it is light, but most of all it provides us with times of being completely powerless.