Square Peg ● Round Hole







Let’s get a little deep on this frozen Friday and talk about time.   For me, time is brisk and slow.  It is fast paced and drags all at the same time.      I can remember being in high school and I couldn’t wait to be in college…..to be an adult.    Now, I wonder why I was in such a hurry.     My eagerness to rush has now alerted me to how the passage of time has no brake or acceleration, it simply expands depending on where I am in my life.

Yesterday, I dropped my youngest, Bryce off for his first day of work.  It was so odd, almost foreign, to be in that moment.    While I wasn’t sad in the sense of tears, it did define a significant awareness……time is not slowing down.     As much as I would like to hit a pause button to make a moment or combined moments last longer, it simply can’t be done.   Once again, I am powerless.

Oddly enough, my mindfulness of being in the present evades me at times simply because I am holding on too tight.   The image I have is me pulling a rope that dangles from a moving train and I, alone, am pulling it trying to get the train to stop.    It can’t be done, so once again I loose the sense of being in the moment.

When Bryce came home from work (that concept I am still getting used to), he was eager to share his experience.    It was euphoric to him.    The pride he had in his accomplishment was contagious and I felt honored to be sharing it with him.    It was an affirmation that while time evades us, there are pockets where it seems to stand still.  Time is fast. Time is slow. Time is free. Time is priceless.  Most of all time is allusive and aloof, but I can embrace it even if it seems have wings.