Square Peg ● Round Hole







We always hear these stories about angry people who vomit venomously over anyone they can grab on to.    These are the individuals, who are a tad bit scary in their delivery and aren’t met with much more than the same venom back, unless you are me and completely shocked by the attack.  Today, I was the recipient of a harsh, verbal assault.

This individual was the blend of Mr. Magoo meets Jared Fogel of Subway/child porn notoriety.    He pulled up beside me and rolled down his window.  I complied and greeted him with a smile, thinking he was going to ask for directions.   What occurred next provided me with an opportunity that I have never been smart enough to use…….I smiled and kept quiet.   The vomit that he was spewing was in regards to where I happened to be parked which was not against any law or harming anyone.     I thanked him and smiled while rolling up the window.   He screeched his tires and disappeared.

At first, I chuckled.  Then I got pissed.  Then I got pissed that I was pissed.    I was annoyed that his anger, that had nothing to do with me, was affecting me emotionally.   At that moment, divinely delivered,  I received a text from a friend who had just lost someone close to her which forced me back to reality.  This interaction was not important and I will pray for the asshole.  Did you honestly think I would get through this without calling him a name?  Please, I am better, but have a long way to go.

We have become so complacent that unacceptable behavior is the norm.   It is shocking, scary, and a little unsettling, but I don’t have to participate.  By not exchanging hateful words, I shut his toxicity down.  This world is off centered enough that I must maintain some sort of balance.   Plus, he was probably really pissed that I was so polite and smiley.   Kill them with kindness, my friends.  It has more power than the middle finger.