Square Peg ● Round Hole







When we purchased this our home almost twenty-four years ago, I wasn’t invested on what it really meant.    To me, at the time, it was a brick structure that needed a lot of attention.    With its vacancy of close to a year and its need for updates, I wasn’t really seeing the potential.    Visually, I struck by this engaging picture window in our living room that gazed into our spacious backyard.  That was my focal point and while there have been a lot of projects, updates, and rather tedious work, I feel a sense of solace here.

This home of ours has seen the birth and growth of two boys, the ins and outs of our four legged family members, and our ever changing selves.    The walls carry our secrets, sorrows, and triumphs.  The floors creak in unison with our foot steps.  While our house has evolved in style and decor over the years, I can still see its vulnerability and transparency as if I traveled back in time.  It is our safe place when we need to escape the world.

While I have many friends that move frequently, I enjoy the novelty of staying put.   Searching for my “dream” home ended the day we moved into this vibrant brick ranch.  It was our beginning to building a permanent oasis that, even when we the  kids are gone, I will still enjoy.    I love feeling settled, rooted, and having that sense of belonging.

While I enjoy exploring, traveling, and time away, I love the feeling I get when I walk back into this house that is filled with a warm glow of love and memories.   It isn’t about the structure, but what fills it.  Making a house a dream home has nothing to do with materialistic aspects, but rather the people……the inhabitants, the guests, and visiting family.   It is my own little spot of heaven that continues to give back an unconditional sense of love and understanding.