Square Peg ● Round Hole







We all teeter on the edge of our comfort zone.   When I started writing my column, eight years ago, I was startled how controversial it become.  People actually wrote letters to the editor claiming that this feature on houses was offensive.  The content in question merely described home styles and decor.    At first, I was baffled, then I realized that their thoughts and feelings about the subject were only from their point of view.  Granted, in my time writing, I realize that offending or making someone uncomfortable, is par for the course.

With that being said, I am unwilling to be silenced or censored.   Writing my blog is another way to share my story.  Sometimes I push the envelope which allows my readers to ponder, reflect, and feel.   Sometimes people might not agree and even call me on the carpet.  That’s the beauty of this craft, it is a vessel to share my truth.    We all have a story to tell and mine is different from yours, but parts of what I share may resonate with you.   My forum is cathartic for me.

My standard response to emails that I receive complaining about my column is simply this, “thank you for your continued readership”.   And that is true for my blog.   I thank you for reading as I trust you all enough to shed my outer facade.  I won’t apologize for any content I share.    Until we walk in each other’s shoes, we cannot pen each other’s stories.