Square Peg ● Round Hole







As long as I have been breathing, I have made the error in judgement of saying “YES” even when I am undecided or my brain is screaming “NO”.     My ego is wrapped up in gaining accolades for actions that, realistically, are appreciated by very few.  The older I get, the better I am at abstaining from things that simply don’t fit my life theme, but alas, I stumbled and again am at the mercy of those individuals who aren’t satisfied with any action taken.

I know that I am not alone when I talk openly about the struggle of being of service to too many groups of people.    The complaints override the simple “thank you” for doing this and I get a little bitchy and I take it personally.  The miracle is that I have the awareness and am going to simply not allow myself to get sucked into other people’s discontent.  My theory is if you have breath enough to complain, then you have time to offer your assistance to the matter at hand.

I think we forget when people volunteer to facilitate or help in a project, they are doing this for fun and for free.   It brings me pleasure to make other people happy, but there are always those individuals who chronically complain about everything, which taints the overall feeling.  My lesson is to pause when making a decision of being of service to others because if I am not finding pleasure in doing it, then I should remove myself immediately. This isn’t about ego, it is the simply acknowledgement of knowing that being true to me is essential in being the best version of myself.