Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am so often amused at the quirkiness that Lent brings to the table.  Everyone running around naming the things they will give up as if it would even remotely touch the core meaning of the Lenten season.    Let’s face it……some of the crap we give up is lame.   The guy died on the cross and someone is giving up chocolate……please!  So, my whole perspective has changed and instead of giving up, I choose to give back.

I feel like the 40 days that start with an ash design on your forehead should mean something.   There are countless ways that I can pay-it-forward, or simply be of service to others.  Maybe it is the effort of becoming a better version of myself.   It doesn’t really matter what I choose to do, just shifting my view of the whole season is enough to jump start this reflective time.

The trouble with Lent is that we have become robotic in our attempts to make it spiritual. I feel like the whole process is wrapped up in a fish fry peppered with pockets of spirituality.  Maybe it is me.  Maybe I have grown stagnant in the process, but I am finding  the awareness to do it differently.

Don’t get me wrong, this Catholic girl enjoys a good fish sandwich, but honestly, isn’t anyone else bored of the monotony?   So, if giving up chocolate is your way of sacrificing, no judgement (well, a little, but who cares).    Marking the season with a dose of humility and being of service to others makes me feel like I am honoring His sacrifice.