Square Peg ● Round Hole







Oh, yes, like any parent I enjoy my boy’s successes, I applaud their work ethic, but I mostly enjoy embarrassing them.  Not to the point of humiliation, but just enough that they know I am paying attention.    Look, I need some way to pass the time.

Today, after picking up Bailey from work, I heckled Bryce as he walked to class.  I tend to dance and sing in the car while the windows are open.   During football season, I love to scream Bryce’s name over and over with an added “WOO HOO” just because I can.   This year I may even get one of those giant heads of Bryce made and carry it to every game, just because it would make me laugh.  Brian enjoys dancing at public venues just to make Bailey cringe.   What can I say, we are hilarious.

Parenting is serious stuff, but having a little fun is par for the course.   If you take it too seriously, your children may have to take your pulse.   They also may feel the urge to hang out with parents that are more entertaining than you.  I certainly can’t have that.   The mere fact that Bryce warned our priest, before we went to Italy, about how crazy Brian and I are, makes me feel proud.  Actually, truth be told, he was really talking about Brian, but it is nice that he feels the need to explain his parents to others.

With our little craziness, we opt to put the fun in parenting.     The word “parent” sounds so serious.   It is a life sentence, people.   We have surrendered sleep, money, clean homes, and sometimes our sanity to raise these little humans into something that will function in society.    The little joys I get from a good embarrassing action is worth the sacrifice.