Square Peg ● Round Hole







Let’s discuss the meaning of an agenda.  First, in the context of relationships, we have all been party to either having an agenda or being the pawn in someone else’s agenda.   Having an agenda isn’t always a bad thing as long as your motives are pure.  In the case of several eye-opening experiences, I would say my radar is on target when gauging other people’s hidden agendas.  First, if you have never really spent time with someone  and then out of the blue, they contact you to meet, it probably is innocent.  They just want to get to know you.  However, if this meeting is spent talking poorly about someone that you are mutually friends with and luring you into their way of thinking, then I would hope that the red flags would be waving.     It is like high school rearing its ugly head.  YIKES!

There is also the personal agenda.  These are the lists of items that you want to work on or complete.    Recently, my lineup that I plotted has been derailed since my knee has taken precedence.   Although disruptive, there is nothing better than taking one’s itinerary and switching it out for something different.   Just because I will be laid up for a fraction of time doesn’t mean I can’t be productive.  It will just shift a bit.

Maybe because I am a writer, my awareness of the varying degrees of agendas keeps evolving.    I am more clear in regards to other people’s agendas.  I know how I want that to look and it doesn’t involve promoting ill will.  On the personal level, it shows me that I can be flexible even if it is uncomfortable.  Either way, it is an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone on a daily basis.

It is quite funny to me, that years ago, I would have thrived in the toxicity of other people’s twisted motives, but today, all of this self-improvement has taken the fun out of all of that.   Even if I participate for a minute, the alarms in my head go off and I realize that this feeling isn’t allowing me to be the person I want to be.