Square Peg ● Round Hole







Dressed in crisp, button down shirts and blue blazers, they gathered to celebrate mass with their mothers.  Mothers beaming with pride settled into their seats while greeting friends and acquaintances along the way.   This was the scene this morning at Bryce’s high school.  A gathering with this community that provides a significant foundation for young boys to become men.   It truly allowed me to shake the dismal residue left from yesterday’s caucus and provided a place for me to simply be present.

Spending some time wrapped in a cocoon full of love and acceptance, the resentment of the previous day began to melt away.   Listening to the words of one senior share about his relationship with his mother gave me some clarity and made me grateful for this opportunity to spend a little time honoring this important relationship that I have with Bryce.

I don’t have control over anything that is going on in the world.  So my little slice of heaven is made up of these moments that truly touch me and allow me the opportunity to bask in their light.    Tomorrow will take care of itself, but today is a celebration of those brief times where I can exhale and simply be present.