Square Peg ● Round Hole







As a frequent flyer Catholic (I use that term for those that attend mass more than the Easter and Christmas celebrations), I normally abstain from attending Easter mass simply because it is amateur hour.  Those who normally don’t go on a fairly consistent basis scurry in to sit shoulder to shoulder with those other amateurs who are there for the same reason.   Today, I went because my boys were being of service by being altar servers.

The advantage of attending 8 am mass is that the crowds are sparse.  I have my own pew towards the back within perfect view of the altar, but without being too close as I don’t want to distract the boys from their duties.   Today, was a little more crowded due to all the amateurs, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to still have solitude in my pew.  The notion of people cramming my space is simply annoying.  Can you tell Jesus resides in my heart?    Actually, I merely speak what other people are thinking.

As the music started, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of joy as I turned toward the back of church.  There stood my two boys…..one carrying the incense and the other the cross.   Ever since Bailey started to serve mass, I have been overly proud.   The first Down syndrome individual to occupy such a role in our church and his ability to do it with such grace is inspiring on any given day, but today seeing him carrying the cross made my heart smile.   Bryce is so poised and serious that it is almost fun to try and make him even crack a smile, but today I could barely see his face through the cloud of incense.

I am not sure why my celebratory feeling was so intense on this gorgeous Easter Sunday, but I am positive that the reasons are wrapped around two of the most amazing young men that I know.  Today wasn’t just a celebration of our risen Lord, but a true testament of how my Higher Power works in my life everyday.    Life is full of those moments that simply take your breath away and today, watching my boys was one of those times.