Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a touch quirky.  Honestly, I do a good job covering them up.  For example, when approaching a four-way stop sign, I purposely slow down or speed up to either beat the other cars or to allow them to get there first.  My reasoning is either way, they will get to proceed without that uncomfortable “who arrived first” ordeal where each of us are being polite and allowing the other to move on, but neither us go or better yet, you both keep trying to go at the same time.   I know, I am complicated.   It just makes it easier if I keep up my odd patterns for all involved.

I am also extremely judgmental.  Yes, I am aware that everyone is, and they are all trying to change that about themselves, but I am honestly trying to perfect it.   You see, because everyone is trying not to be, I will be the very best at pinpointing others and their weaknesses.  Like at this moment, my neighbor diagonal from me is mowing his grass.  That might not seem odd or strange, but the fact that this is the second time in two weeks that has mowed and has never been consistent in the ten plus years he has lived here is highly alarming.  I am assuming his parents have been highly instrumental in that as they own the house, or his frequent use of marijuana – the spring air is a combination of fragrant weed (the stuff smoked) and blooming flowers – has jumped started his industrious nature.

Also, I talk to animals.  Not in the Dr. Doolittle kind of way, which would be awesome, but similar to having a human interaction, one sided, of course.  For example, I slow down my car and roll down the window when I see geese or ducks, and extend my greetings to them. Yes, it is highly annoying to those who are behind me, but that never bothers me.  I figure they are too busy perfecting being judgmental or working on not being judgmental, whatever the case may be.  No, the groups of ducks and geese  don’t answer me back, but that would be really cool if they did.

I guess what I am saying is that while I am a work in progress – flawed, quirky, and completely unsure of myself, I do find myself wonderful company, even if that sounds odd.   I am also unapologetic on many of my areas where I am judgmental.  I wouldn’t be authentic if I told you that my snarky, sarcastic remarks weren’t part of the package.  It is who I am.  While I will admit, I have toned down some of what makes me sparkle, I still shake the foundation a bit with a dose of my witty comments.