Square Peg ● Round Hole







Pulling up to our neighborhood Walgreens today, I was in a state of happiness.  Happy the sun was out and that spring was embracing me with her warm breezes and the scent of newness lingering.     I was smiling as an employee greeted me at the drive-thru window.

“Can I help you?”  he inquires while chomping loudly on his pink piece of gum.  I only know the color because he kept shooting it in and out of his mouth with his tongue.

“Yes, two prescriptions for pickup.  One for Allison and the other for my son, Addison.” For those of you confused, Bailey’s first name is Addison.

“Ummmm…..I have an Addison and an Allison.  Which one is the prescription for?” The confusion on his face makes me confused considering I felt my communication was clear. In my head I hear…..”Houston we have a problem.”

“One is for my son Addison and the other is for me.  My name is Allison and my son’s name is Addison.”   I try to speak in a clear, simple language form in order to help him understand.  Maybe he simply can’t chew gum and look up names at the same time.  Although, what he was doing with his gum, in my opinion, would not be considered chewing.

“Okay.  Then you have two to pickup.”  he states this while looking at me as though I was the one not understanding the request.  I am waiting for his gum to tumble out as he tosses it around with his tongue.  He acts as if he is doing me a favor.  As if, doing his job should warrant a gold star or a ticker tape parade.   I thank him and drive off to continue my euphoric feeling about the day.

Ironically, most of the time, I realize that I am really not a mess.  It is everything around me that is disorderly.     Realizing that some of the time, it really isn’t me that is the problem.    That is refreshing and liberating.

Of course, communicating in person is a lost art.   People are so accustomed to texting, that interpersonal exchanges are more difficult.   We communicate to be heard, but rarely do we listen.   So, while my new friend with his chewing gum disability, struggles in this arena, I did get the correct drugs.