Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I shared yesterday my journey with a limp.   Grouped together with the possibility that Brian is having gallbladder issues, we happen to be the poster children for living your best life in your forties.   Honestly,  I will say that despite all of the health obstacles we have and are enduring, I believe the forties have been epic……in a good way.

Jokingly, we have said, if Brian’s scan comes back positive for gallbladder issues and my MRI confirms my meniscus tear, then maybe we could have a joint operation.   The idea gives my boys chills thinking of having to take care of both us.  We aren’t easy patients, if you must know.

Although, as much as I have limped through my forties, I am realizing that things could be much worse.  It is all about how you look at it.  For instance, my knees allowed me to walk the streets of Rome with no issues.     They also have gotten me through numerous extenuating circumstances like several mini-marathons and pacing the floors when my kids have been sick.  I don’t fault them.   It is just another indication of the miscommunication that goes on when mass producing humans.   I have issued several complaints with God’s production office, so hopefully, along with my height, the next go around will allow me to have the knees of the bionic woman.