Square Peg ● Round Hole







While the events of yesterday have simmered a bit, the humor of the universe is not lost on me.   Today, my voice is limited.   I would describe it as raspy and sexy, but it really isn’t.   I image the universe decided to quiet me after hearing my barrage of helpful bitching that was meant for my boys.

It is possible that I have been hushed to allow me the pleasure of actually listening to those around me.   You may be surprised to know (or not) that I am not a very good listener.  It is a life skill that was not learned as I was too busy making people notice me.     Losing my voice is allowing me to “put my listening ears on” to hear those who have been desperate to get my attention.

Those of you who have kids, aging parents, and/or  a spouse, who is merely a hairy child, can relate to not wanting to hear what others are saying.   I am thinking about changing my name to Doris simply because I am sick of hearing my own name being called.  I feel like I am a pinata, being tossed around until I am broken, but guess what?   I am the defective pinata from the dollar store that has no candy in it.

I can throw out a billion cliche like “this too shall pass”, “tomorrow is another day”, or “fuck this”…..wait the last one isn’t a cliche, but the thought does resonate. Bottom line is that I suppose I am in the market to learn some more “valuable lessons” that will hurl me into some sort of spiritual awakening, but honestly, I could use a pause button to allow me to simply exhale.      When I called the universe to inquire about these turn of events, the number had been disconnected.   Well played, universe, well played.