Square Peg ● Round Hole







The irony on describing hospitals with terms like “sterile “makes me ooze in laughter as I think there are less germs in a McDonald’s than our handy, dandy medical facilities, but that is purely my opinion.    Today, Brian was scheduled for a heart cath, which seems to have integrated itself in our family traditions, although I can honestly say, we need to upgrade our festivities.    Before you gasp in shock, he is fine.   Nothing was found aside from the fact that his heart has reinvented itself.   Much like a human spiritual awakening, Brian’s blockages have decreased by a wide percentage, which goes to show even one’s heart can do something different.

Since it wasn’t my first day at the cath rodeo….fourth time folks with one ending in an angioplasty…… I was prepared.   Charger, phone, tablet with a new book loaded along with the thoughts in my head to pass the time.    This time around, I was allowed to wait in the pre op room which made me almost giddy to think I wouldn’t have to sit arm-to-arm in a crowded waiting room and, God forbid, have to talk to another human.

Since I write a style column about homes, it was easy to start critiquing the decor.  Thinking of things that could warm the room made me giggle because let’s face it, the goal isn’t comfort or style.   When his cardiologist entered, he commented on how dedicated Brian was with his work and how stressful his job sounded.  He even said that he didn’t think he could do his job because of the stress, which I thought was interesting since saving people’s lives doesn’t sound relaxing.

Brian is wheeled in feeling no pain, which made me envious until I remembered that he had an insertion in his groin, which didn’t sound remotely pleasant.  I think the hospitals should offer some perks for the caregivers, like massages or pedicures, but instead I was offered free beverages and an available bathroom.

Two hours later, we were allowed to leave.    Both of us were starving and since it was a Friday during lent along with the fact that we are the poster children for the Catholic church, we went to McDonald’s to get a fish filet. (Don’t judge……we had been at the hospital since 7 am and we were desperate.  I now regret our decision.)   After all, when your heart has rejuvenated itself, McDonald’s is the obvious choice.