Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I don’t advertise my political views on the social media platform simply because it really is no one’s business who I support.   I will tell you that I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative which neither party offers, so I am currently split in half.   I often don’t vote with my party and really don’t consider me anything but an American who believes people should be treated with dignity and respect.  Isn’t that really all that anyone wants?

Today, since I am registered Republican, Kentucky offered a its first ever caucus.  I felt it was an important part of exercising my honored right to decide.    Honestly, none of the candidates offer much, in my opinion.  Actually, the decision was fairly easy as most of those on the ballot are no longer running and I am not ready for an “oompa-loompa” with bad hair and an even worse attitude to have the power to decide scary things.

The crowd was quiet and polite with the exception of one guy asking if there were any oompa-loompa stickers.  I actually have never seen this many people at the polls, so regardless of what politics one believes in, at the very least, the voters are out in force to exercise their right to vote on a Saturday, no less.

It was very different from a typical voting scene and I made sure to take in that moment.    Various candidates had tables set up, but no one was harassing anyone, just a polite “hello”.  I saw several prominent officials in the community, parents of young children, the elderly, the handicapped, and a host of other individuals standing in line and all looking very determined.   This election is more important than any other, I think, in my lifetime or maybe in history.   My prayer hold firm that the oompa-loompa finds his way back to Willy Wonka where he belongs.