Square Peg ● Round Hole







It isn’t lost on me that I have the innate ability to see things not as they really are, but rather as I see them.   Twisted and mangled, the scenery is marred by my own perspective and sometimes, in fact, most of the time, I have trouble seeing what is right in front of me.

So, I am going to have to have surgery on my knee, which has turned my plans upside down.  You notice I say MY plans as if I had some superhero power to own such a thing.  When I tell God of my plans, he simply chuckles.    My plans are subject to change, while His are written in stone.   It is what it is.    The writing group that I have immersed myself in started back after a hiatus, but unfortunately, since I will be having surgery, I have to sit this one out until the next session.   While only eight weeks away, I feel like my life support has been unplugged.  You see, that was my creative connection.   A place where I can go and be completely transparent.   It is a cocoon where I can openly share my thoughts on paper while being nurtured and encouraged, which cannot be done alone.   I know this because I have tried…..and failed….miserably.

As all good ideas arrive, they pop in at the most unusual times.   Like while you are busy showering or waiting for the dogs to do their business….BOOM……it appears out of nowhere.  Well, not really, because I believe God places those little “AHA” moments there for my perusal, but simply amazes me how that happens.    This morning, I had that earth shaking suggestion or idea that rattled around in my brain.   A friend of mine was in a similar circumstance with her writing group and she was left to fend alone in her creative muck.   I use “muck” because as a writer, most ideas aren’t clear until you have had time to formulate, dissect, and most of all peel away the layers for it to be visible.   This morning it became obvious that we could form our own writing pairing to ease us through this loophole that has been presented to us.   Grateful, she jumped on the idea, and my fear of lapsing in my creative process has now diminished and I can move forward with another like-minded individual.

Sometimes it takes me a moment or several to arrive at my destination of fate.   My inner workings can limit me and by simply allowing those instinctive ideas to flow, my situations, whatever the circumstances, can vastly improve.