Square Peg ● Round Hole







So my youngest got his driver’s license on Friday.   Most mothers would be swimming in their tears, but not me.  There is a huge sense of euphoria going on within me.   You see, I have waited twenty-one years for another driver.   When Bailey turned sixteen, I was in grief.  Each milestone that a typical person would make, is another milestone that Bailey won’t.   So pardon me if I am giddy from the intoxicating feeling of freedom.

Yes, Bryce might feel a sense of freedom, but for me, unburdening myself from one less thing to do is like lifting a heavy boulder off of my shoulders.   For the next couple of years, I will have an extra driver.  I am simply going to enjoy the moment while it lasts.  Of course, I know that I will be the primary chauffeur for Bailey for many years to come, but taking a sabbatical for a short period of time sounds very appealing.

Bryce took to his newly gained freedom with very unexpected excursions.  Of course, he drove to work, but he also drove to Office Depot because “he was low on loose leaf paper” and he opted to drive himself to 8 am mass yesterday.  Yes, I am aware that those are all very surprising, yet comforting destinations.  Yes, I am also aware that most 16 year olds would pick sleep over early morning church, but I am not questioning the decision…..at all.  This too shall pass as the newness of driving will end at some point.   Considering that my husband shared that after he got his license, his first stop was his drug dealer, I feel VERY good about Bryce’s choices.

While the milestones for each of them are vastly different, they are celebrated and affirmed because that is how I process the changes that are bursting at the seams.   I am not a fan of change, but since I am powerless over it, I might as well jump in with both feet.  After all, resisting it just makes the journey harder.