Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have written about the perks of vacation and how I love coming home.    When we arrived Saturday night after a long day of driving (truth be told, Brian drives and I enjoy not driving, but still a long day for all involved), we pulled in our driveway and I smiled.  The smile you provide when greeting a long lost friend.    There it stood, this cozy brick ranch that has flourished under the cloak of memories.    My process when I return from a trip is to promptly unpack.  Everything goes back into its place as though the time away never happened.  I am ready to resume my extraordinary life.

For me, the essence of a vacation allows me to deeply appreciate all the things that make my home truly special.   I miss the routine, the everyday chores, the schedules, but most of all, I miss how truly safe and loved I feel as the walls of this house embrace me.   Having all my fur babies home and diving back into life allows me the opportunity shine in gratitude. Vacations are great, but home is definitely where my heart seeks solace.

My preparation now is focused on getting everything done and in order for my upcoming surgery next week.   My process of preparing is really more about controlling those things that are within my boundaries.   The surgery itself is out of my control, but navigating meal delivery, transportation for the boys, and anything else that makes me more comfortable will be handled prior to the procedure.   It makes me feel more at ease.  However, today, I am just savoring the beauty that surrounds me, and just remembering that all is well especially when I am home.