Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I am having this knee surgery on Wednesday and while it is “not a big deal” it kind of feels like a big deal.   This time around I don’t have the cloak of my security blanket aka Brian.  Unfortunately, he has a business trip that happens the day I have surgery.  It was something unavoidable, so my next step in the preparation process was asking for help.

Reaching out and asking someone to assist me has always been difficult.  I live in the realm that I don’t want to burden anyone or be a nuisance.   This time around, when I had been pushed into the corner, I literally had no choice, but to reach out to others.  One of my friends shared these wise words with me…..”If you don’t ask me for help, I don’t get the privilege of being of service to someone.”   That, my friends, was a shift in perception that provided a new way to look at this opportunity.   Instead of avoiding it, I swam in it.   I scheduled meals for the days Brian is gone, I have enlisted transportation for me to get to and from the hospital, and I have people on the sidelines ready to suit up if I should need them, all because I asked for help.

I am truly blessed with an amazing support system.   The beauty is that this situation allowed me to practice asking for help and being able to accept it with no strings attached.  The payback is to do the same for someone else, so this being of service to one another comes full circle .   It is a beautiful concept and am grateful to experience it.