Square Peg ● Round Hole







Those three words were overused prior to me realizing that I don’t ever have to explain myself.   I was a firm believer that any decision that I made needed to be backed up with reasons as to why I chose the path that I was taking.    What I didn’t acknowledge is that my decisions are mine alone.

Being a born “people pleaser”, I  was eager to share why I made the decisions that I made.  When I indulged others, I immediately had to defend my decisions because it might have made someone unhappy or uncomfortable.   My decision making process has evolved over the years.    The motto in our home is “what is best for the whole”.  If a situation arises and it isn’t well suited for our family, then we pass on it.   “No” is a complete sentence and it isn’t my responsibility to appease others nor is it in my realm to provide explanations.  My decisions are my business.

I think it is only natural that individuals tend to take it personally when a decision doesn’t go there way.   For this I say QTIP (quit taking it personally).     I know, I know, you think that when someone says “no” it is a personal attack, but the reality is if you are in that mindset, that is all ego talking.  Trust me, I can go there on a daily basis, but the freeing moment is when I realize those thoughts aren’t productive and they aren’t going to do anything but make me miserable.

Make decisions that make YOU happy and stop worrying about how others will feel about it.   Life is too short to try to please everyone.   Like the saying I saw last night…..”Stop trying to make everybody happy.  You aren’t chocolate.”