Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, was quite a world wind.   With a phone call moving up my surgery to coming home, I almost feel like I have whiplash.    I had never been to this surgical center before, but had heard wonderful things about it.   I was instantly ushered in for registration along with being hurried back to get prepped.   The friendly young man who escorted me back gave me a details of the surgery, instructions on getting completely undressed and putting on a hideous gown along with putting on a compression sock on the opposite leg, this was all while he took my blood pressure.  My normal blood pressure is 110/ 30, yesterday it was 170/110.  Tip #1…..take the blood pressure before you have told someone to get naked.  Getting naked at this age  brings on more anxiety than the surgery.

After I put my red carpet attire on, I was banished to the bed where I would be stuck…..numerous times…..to find just the right vein.   My veins had taken a vacation, but after the fourth try, we found the perfect match.  Apparently, my veins had gotten spooked over the nudity issue too.    After all the rushing around, the line of people on my “team” trickled in to introduce themselves.   Of course, my favorite was the anesthesiologist who ordered a relaxing cocktail that brought me to a place of calm and hopefully, lowered my blood pressure.

While I waited to be wheeled back – apparently I was “on deck” which seemed odd as I wasn’t at a baseball game – I thought of ways these facilities could improve the ambiance.  I would have scents of flowers wafting through the vents, plus massaging beds, not to mention a television or maybe soft meditation music to soften the mood.

When I woke up in recovery, I was given a cup of water, my clothes and told to get out.  Okay, that really wasn’t true.  The first two parts were, but I did feel a little dismissed and shoved out before I was ready.     Normally, I am given some crackers maybe a little ginger ale, but not this place.   I believe that is probably the reason that I came home and toss my liquid (get it…because I hadn’t eaten).    I have never vomited after surgery, so that was surprising.

Last night, I was a little wasted, so if we had a conversation, I hope it was delightful because I remember none of it.  I do remember seeing my husband’s lame attempt at doing selfies while visiting Niagara Falls, so that is something we will work on when he gets home.  Other than that, I will sit back with my new pajamas, ice pack, along with my friendly Percocet and enjoy the pampering.