Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, most of you will be remember that I emotionally cleansed myself of a relationship last year.  It was a necessary action in order for me to move forward and rid myself of a relationship that was not just impairing me, but the other person as well.   It was not a decision that I made lightly, but it has allowed the last year to be a metamorphosis of new opportunities and the ability to formulate healthier relationships.

I refer to this shift as “loving from a distance”.  It isn’t built on hate, but apparently that is the rumor going around about this particular situation.    The word on the street is that I hate this other person.   Let’s be clear…..hate is a very strong word and saved for those who abuse children and animals.  Neither which has this individual every done.    I paused when I heard this speculation as it baffled me.    When I disconnected, I didn’t go around bashing this person.  I simply disconnected.   It sounds easy, but trust me, it affected many people, but it was the right thing for me to do at the time.

Here is what I know about rumors……they are the reflection of the person starting them.   Rumors are lies sprinkled with glitter to make them more attractive to those who are eager to share them with others.    The other fact about rumors is that even if it is about me, it is none of my business.    They are a justification of the other party used to make them feel more comfortable about a situation.  Simple as that.

While this rumor was disappointing, it just affirms that the decision that I made for myself, was the right one.  Sometimes the most difficult changes are the ones that provide an unique opportunity to shake up the journey, so we can experience life on a whole new level.